Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Riding Bikes

This month we have been working on getting the girls to ride their bikes. We have been hoping to take bikes with us this summer on our family vacation.

Luken thinks it is a lot of fun to watch everyone ride their bikes.

We started as you see above holding on the back of the girls bikes or the back of their clothes.

Uncle Justin and Aunt Brittney even came up one evening and helped with the bike riding practice.

They both were very fearful of falling over and these bike riding sessions usually ended in frustration by all. Sam was right there. We knew she could do it on her own if she would just let go. Makayla's bike is a bit big for her, so we knew it would take her more time to get use to it.

Bailee also enjoys riding bikes.

This last Saturday we decided to have another practice session. We had put training wheels on Makayla's bike, but we were going to have Sam go again without.

When we got out to the road, I said to Sam, "Why don't you just hop and that bike and go?"

And, she did. She took a few hesitant pedals and then she just went. When she came back, she told me that she had prayed to God that he would take her fear away and He had.

Obviously, this was a moment for the video camera.

Makayla is still very cautious and the training wheels really are not very helpful, but she refuses to take them off.

Sam, on the other hand, is getting more confident every time she rides which is every day now. She loves to go out and ride her bike. Thank you, Brittin, for the bike.

You can see the highway up close right here. Luken is pointing at the cars as they go by. He also likes to wave at them. It is very cute.

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