Wednesday, July 27, 2011

That Face I Love

I was laying on our bed reading Sunday afternoon. My camera was sitting on the end of the bed. Luken came into the room, handed me my camera, and asked me to take a picture of him. These are a couple of them. Our little man just makes me smile.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Christian and Amy Come Visiting

We had a Movius-Sager Family gathering to spend some time with Christian, Amy, Gabe, and Megan, who were here for a few days. I took a few pictures. I just love the face above.

These are our nieces, Brea and Brittin. They are beautiful, fun girls.

Here is Amy holding Iryiah, Ange and Travis' youngest with Christian sitting behind her.

Trav holding his son. There is definitely something special when a man holds his son.

Jeremy, the girls, and I stayed after everyone else had left to give the kids more time to play with their cousins and for Jeremy and I to have more time with Christian and Amy. Right before we left, I got the kids to sit and get their picture taken. Thankfully, they are all well trained because they sat right down and showed us their smiles.

Christian, Amy, Gabe, and Megan - It was so good to have time with you. We miss you when you are gone. We love you.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Finally, A Day at the Beach

Brittney and Anjahli joined us for a day at the beach. We had a great time. Anjahli was so good. She did not eat the sand, but she loved crawling through it and letting it sift through her fingers.

Notice how the bathing beauties are about to be pelted with sand by their brother.

My sister, who is looking great.

Luken loved the beach. He was very brave and a couple of times went out a bit farther than he should have.

Thank you, Anjahli and Brittney, for joining us for a few hours of fun in the sun.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Anjahli's First Birthday

Our niece, Anjahli, is one today, but we celebrated her birthday on Friday.
The following five pictures were actually not taken by me, but my sister-in-law, Ange Movius.

I love this picture of Anjahli and Justin. Justin - you are one of the best daddies I know.
She was graciously sharing her birthday cake with her dad.

These last two are ones I took. I thought my sister did a great job of having a festive atmosphere for the party.

The last one is of the hat I made for her.

Happy Birthday, Big Girl. We love you.

A Boy and His Boots

If Luken chooses, these are what he picks.

He loves them. Thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Yard

I thought I would give you a review and run through of our yard.

Below are pictures of the garden.

Sorry, the color of this one stinks. I was taking the picture into the sun.

This is the little rose garden we have in the middle of our yard.
In this first picture, you look more like a part of the yard.

After I cleared out the grass, gave it some definition, and pulled out the horrid bush.

This is it now. No, I have not allowed the grass to take back over. Those are wild flowers that my parents and sisters gave me for my birthday. Not the greatest picture. I will try again later.

This is the only picture I have that includes the walk way before I dug it out.

This is where I am at now.

I am going to get some sand to fill it in.

This is where our yard is at now. I have really enjoyed working on it this summer.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Summer brings out the bikes at our house. Spring, especially this one, is usually too wet.

Makayla is still trying to work out training wheels. I wish she would just be brave and ditch them.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sick Boy

Friday, last week, which happened to be the last day of Godprint, Luken got sick. He just had a low grade temp and was just very low key. He laid down over here and eventually just fell asleep. He did not want me to hold him or anything.

He only slept here for about a half hour, but it was really cute.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Last week was River City Church's annual vacation bible school called Godprint. Our girls have been attending this since Bailee was in elementary school.

Here are a copy of pictures of the decorations. This years theme was Dive.

I actually did childcare for the teachers children who were not old enough to participate. The remaining pictures are in the nursery with the kiddos.

This is my good friend, Jill, with her daughter, Jocelyn. They came to visit with me one day.

The boys love to sit in this toy box.

The nursery has this great table for snack time. Did I mention I had all boys with me? They were a lot of fun.

Around the table starting with the guy in yellow and going clockwise, you have Parker, Rowan, Judah, Isaiah, and Luken.

Parker is quite the character. He is probably the nicest little man I have met.

Rowan is our Pastor's son. He is from China and very much his own person.

One day, right before the end, we played hide and seek.

This is the boys hiding from me. When they would find me or I would find them, they would squeal like a bunch of little girls.

Then they were jumping from the lid of the toy box onto these pillows. All I can say is "boys will be boys."

They felt like this was one of the best hiding place.

Anyway, I had a great time hanging with this little men last week.