Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Fourth of July

After our hike and quiet morning, we head to have a BBQ with my sister and her family. Above is my oh-so-cute niece, Anjahli.

Justin was telling me that his parents purchased the pool and slide for his birthday one year. This was definitely built to last.

Anjahli and her daddy

Anjahli and Luken both loved the slide into the pool.

We had two of Bailee's friends join us this year - Brooke and Melanie.

Melanie is Bailee's best friend and isn't she cute.

We spent some time playing what is called "Holey Board". It was a lot of fun. The goal is to get you washers in the holes of the other board. Each hole has a different point value and the first to twenty-one wins. (I beat my husband. It was close though.)

Luken loved it, but then he loves being able to throw anything.

Justin was the chef at this party.

I will end with the girls eating s'mores.
Fireworks tomorrow.

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