Friday, April 27, 2012

The Simple Blogs Queen for a Day Giveaway

I was excited when I got on to my email this morning and found today's blog posts from the Simple blogs.  They are having a "Queen for a Day Giveaway".  Each blog has a gift basket that you can win.  Each are different with great items.  There are six blogs and if I were you I would get right over to them and sign up.  These are just in time for Mother's Day, so if I were you, I would have those you love go sign up for them also.

Here are the links:
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Simple Design
Simple Bites
Simple Homemade

See I have made it easy for you.  Go!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tumaini Children's Home Update

Life continues to move and change for my family living in Kenya.  Tumaini Children's Home has seen a big change over the last month and I thought I would allow my mother to share it with you.  Below is part of a letter, they sent out to their supporters.

Dear Support Family, we can not believe it is the middle of April 2012
already!  Time goes by so quickly!  We are looking at September being
the completion of our 5th year here in Kenya.  It is so amazing what
God has and is accomplishing.  Our lives should always be geared to
watch, listen and move when He does so we should not be surprised to
realize that He is always moving and things change when he moves.

We have heard it said  prophetically, that 2011 was a year of
transition and 2012 the year of stepping into these new alignments, it
has definitely proved true for us here at Tumaini Children’s Home.

 In short, because of  recent differences in views and aspects of
vision Tumaini Children’s Home and Tumaini Children’s Center (Children
With Hope )  have mutually agreed to become separate working entities.

God has generously provided us Horace, Phyllis, Troy , Dannon Leister
and our family of 23 once orphaned Kenyan children  a new residence
and we will continue on with His Grace as Tumaini Children’s Home with
our established  vision of His love, seeing those who have been
orphaned, be all they can be in Him!

 Our hope and prayers are the same as they have always been, with a
solid and secure identity,  provided in a Godly family home
environment we will see these and others go from orphan to Son’s and
Daughters of the Most High God.  Continuing on in their lives with
this pattern of the Father’s love and family, to prayerfully be
recreated in their own future families.  Then to see these families
help build a more secure and prosperous, Godly Kenyan Nation, that it
may become all  God has purposed for it to be.

We pray that you, as our support Family, will continue with us
financially and  Prayer  in our sincere efforts to complete the work
God has given us here in Kenya to do ,which now includes full support
of 23 Kenyan children.  Your continued lifting of us up in prayer  is
more important than anything,  believing as we do that God is in this
change and He will bless all of us as we follow after Him.

Our  new  “ Tumaini Children’s Home” website ( thanks to Jeremy and In
the flow web designs)  will be up soon and we can fill you in with
pictures and testimony, on what the new place looks like and
everything going on here. Until then you can see pictures on Phyllis’
face book!    We are so excited for what God is saying  and doing here
at Tumaini Children’s Home Eldoret, Kenya.  We pray you will be
excited too and continue to be involved!

Here are a few pictures of the new house they are now living in.

I believe this is a front view of the house.

I just threw this very cute picture of my pregnant sister-in-law, Rachel in for fun.

I believe that scattered over this structure is the whole crew or at least most.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Meeting Norah

Last week, we were able to meet our newest niece, who happens to be 9 months old, for the first time.  Randi and the girls came for a too brief stay after Randi participated in a wedding Seattle.

Beautiful Norah - definitely looks like her big sister, but also has a look all her own.
This girl has so much personality. 

Bailee actually got to meet Norah at birth.  She traveled to Wichita last summer to be there when Norah was born.

Oh so cute!!

Bailee is the baby charmer.

Marvin at the kiddie table

Norah was feeling left out.

Another beautiful niece - Anjahli

Diego was the tv and distracting the kids.

Addi is looking and Norah gets distracted.
We had such a great time with you and the girls, Randi.  We love you and miss you when we are not together.