Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Meeting Norah

Last week, we were able to meet our newest niece, who happens to be 9 months old, for the first time.  Randi and the girls came for a too brief stay after Randi participated in a wedding Seattle.

Beautiful Norah - definitely looks like her big sister, but also has a look all her own.
This girl has so much personality. 

Bailee actually got to meet Norah at birth.  She traveled to Wichita last summer to be there when Norah was born.

Oh so cute!!

Bailee is the baby charmer.

Marvin at the kiddie table

Norah was feeling left out.

Another beautiful niece - Anjahli

Diego was the tv and distracting the kids.

Addi is looking and Norah gets distracted.
We had such a great time with you and the girls, Randi.  We love you and miss you when we are not together.


  1. She's cute- reminds me of her dad. I love Luken's hair that long!

  2. I definitely thought the same about Norah. Jeremy keeps trying to get Luken to cut his hair, but right now, Luken does not want it cut.