Thursday, July 29, 2010

The 5th of July

Here are some pictures I took the night of the 5th. We did our fireworks the day after the 4th, because Jeremy and the girls had gotten home so late the night before.

Sparklers are always a hit.

I used one of the automatic settings that my camera has. It was the night portrait mode. It has very slow shutter speeds to allow as much light as possible in. It gave me some great pictures. You will see some blurring in the pictures also. That is because I have a hard time standing still.

Above is Jeremy being the fire starter that he is.

He bought some big, loud fireworks and he enjoyed lighting them off immensely.

Bailee hiding. She is so silly.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Anjahli Renee Derting - My New Niece

It finally happened and she was only two weeks overdue. My sister has been impatiently waiting for about six weeks now for her daughter to arrive and today was the day.

Above is the picture of the proud father. Justin is going to make such a great dad. He is an excellent uncle.

Here he is showing Luken his new cousin. Right after I took this picture, Luken gave Anjahli a hug shove and tried to get off of Justin's lap.

Each of the girls got an opportunity to hold her.

While Bailee was holding her, she would suck one side of her bottom lip in and then push the whole thing out. It was too cute.

Yep, even I am willing to get my picture taken for a niece or nephew. Not quite sure what Makayla is doing in the background.

Doesn't Brittney look great! I heard she did great.

If you would like to see some other great pictures of this little family, check out Ange Movius Photography blog. Look at July 24ths post.

Monday, July 19, 2010

4th of July

On the 4th of July, we had family up for a BBQ. Here is a chance shot of Bailee. Lately, she is back into covering her face when you try to take her picture.

Here is our niece, Katie. She is a very cute girl.

I am not sure exactly what Makayla was going for here, but she asked me to take her picture while she was doing this.

Father and son

Luken and Elias - They are seven months apart and we are thinking they are going to be great friends just like their sisters are.

Grandpa Ted and Luken - Sadly, Grandpa Ted is working in Wyoming right now and Luken and the girls do not get to see very much of him. We are all praying that he will find a job a lot closer to home.

Grandpa and Grandma Movius with the kids.

We had a great time with Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Amanda, Katie and Elias. Everyone else was missed.

That night Jeremy took the girls to the fireworks at Clarkston High School football field. Luken and I stayed home. I just did not think he would enjoy the fireworks. He does not like loud noises. In fact, they usually make him cry. Maybe next year we will all go.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 3rd

As I have mentioned before, it tends to be feast or famine on this blog. I apologize. I really have no good reason for it other than life gets full. I get a lot of pictures and do not want to take the time to edit them.

I am back now with pictures from the last few weeks. These pictures were taken on the 3rd of this month. The girls talked their dad into allowing them to do some sparklers.

Above is Sammy doing her sparkler-fairy dance.

Bailee in one of her unguarded moments.

Above is where all of the smoke from the sparklers collected.

Jeremy and Luken watching the fun. Luken thought the little lights were cool. He wanted to touch the ends.

I will have much more to come - more 4th of July weekend, more Brandi and family, and more Jeremy Movius family.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The "Family" iMac

Jeremy has been waiting for years to get a Mac. He has been hoping to get himself a Macbook, but when an opportunity presented itself, he got an iMac.

LCSC upgraded one of their computer labs and sold the existing computers for an extraordinary price. We just happen to be in a position to afford this and my husband just new it was a must purchase.

Now we are a PC/Mac family. For those of you who know computers, you know an odd thing that is.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Leister's Farewell Gathering

Following are pictures from the last gathering we had before Jake, Randi, and the kids left to return to Wichita.

Above, this is Addi with a brownie and this is what she says, "I love chocolate!", but she says it in a very cute way.

Some of those who came to our gathering. Thanks everyone for showing up and giving Jake, Randi, and the kids some lovin'.

This cute little button is Jocelyn. She is our good friends Christian and Jill's. She is so squeezable and kissable.

This little man is Judah. He belongs to our friends, Nathan and Michelle. One of these days Luken and he are going to be good friends. Right now they is still a bit of an age difference that makes a difference. Sharing is a hard thing for one year olds.

This is my brother, Jake (on the right), and Jocelyn's daddy, Christian.

I asked Caedmon to smile for me and this is what I got.

This is Jacque with Jocelyn. Jacque and her husband, Ryan, are great friends of ours, but we know that they just love us for our kids. Jacque is the first to steal the babies from their mothers and Ryan makes all little girls fall in love with him.

Addison practiced her frisbee skills.

Here is Ryan trying to get Luken to warm up to him.

Makayla and her dad.

Randi, Jill, and Angela Cook. Angela and her husband, Dustin, went and spent a month in Kenya last year allowing my family to come home for their visit. Thank you so much, Cooks.

Little brother sitting on big brothers lap.

The coloring for this picture did not turn out well, but I loved the four of them.

Now for the group photos. If you are a part of the Leister family, you have learned to accept group photo time.

Caedmon on his way to get his picture taken.

I can never choose which one I like the best. I am always looking at all the faces. Caedmon had run out of patience by the time this picture was taken. I think he began to realize what these pictures meant. He is very much his father's son. He is an emotional little man. He feels things deeply.

Princess Makayla and Super Caeders

Sam looks like a giant next to Addison.

Jake, Randi, Caedmon, and Addison - We loved all the time we got to spend with you. You will be very much missed and we will be looking forward to our next meeting. We love you very much. - Auntie Jess, Uncle Jeremy, Bailee, Sam, Makayla, and Luken