Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Family Party

Here is Luken just chillin' with Marvin. Marvin is so funny. He will tell you he is not very good with kids, but he loves them. He was even holding our niece, Anjahli, during church on Sunday.

This is a strawberry-strawberry ice cream cake.

Makayla and Cousin Ysa - Another cute girl I love.
I am so thankful for the other little girls that are in Sam and Makayla's lives. It is such a blessing to have cousins and friends that are fun to be with and are good friends to the girls. When Bailee was little, there were little girls I had to separate her from because they were not good friends to her.

Aunt Brittney, Uncle Justin, and Anjahli
I am almost positive Brittney is not feeding Anjahli her cake.

Great Grandpa Ray and Great Grandma Georgia

Grandpa Ted and Grandma Brenda

Grandpa Mike, Grandma Pam, Uncle Travis, Aunt Ange, and Roslynn were also there. Those pictures did not turn out well though.

Makayla loves this sweatshirt from Grandpa Ted and Grandma Brenda. I finally had to tell her she could not wear it anymore after three days.

And here is the face again.

Makayla had a wonderful birthday. Thank you everyone for blessing her.

Now she is 6. I cannot believe it.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Tea Party

I held a tea party for Makayla's friends this year. The centerpieces for the tables were pens covered with pink ribbon and I very larger snowflake on the top. I also made corsages for the girls, but did not get a picture of them. I found these really colorful, glittery poinsettias at Joann's. I then just hot glued them to a piece of elastic. I think they turned out great.

Our tea table

I am not sure what Rosie was doing when I took this picture.

The birthday girl in a lovely summer dress that has to be worn with a shirt underneath, because it is itchy.

Miss Katie Rose

Mya - This little girls is one of the cutest little things I have the pleasure to know.

Sam and she is wearing her corsage.

Mya's big sister, Ashley - Another sweet girl

Payton, Katie's big sister - She turned 10 two days after Makayla turned 6. It is amazing how quickly they grow up. She was just the cutest little thing at our wedding.

Rosie read Makayla's cards to her.

This is our new "I love this" face. You will see more of it in the pictures to come.

The guests - Our final guest is Tessa and she is in the middle front. You've seen her here before. I love that little Tessa. There is quite the sparkle in her eye.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Makayla

Birthday mornings are exciting times at our house. Gifts are always the first thing after everyone gets up.

Poppy and Grandma Phyllis - She loves the tent. It is very cute also.

This is the new purse I made her. I have crocheted both of the girls purses, but they are looking rather sad, so they have been asking for new ones.

And then the grand finale is crepes. Bailee did not ask for crepes this year, but our usual birthday breakfast is crepes with strawberries and whipped cream.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Odds and Ends

Here are some miscellaneous pictures I have taken in the last weeks. The first one is Luken helping Jeremy while he is doing push ups. Luken thinks this is great fun.

I have been repurposing candles lately. Walmart now has labels on their candles that can be peeled off. It is so nice. I had bought some candles from there lately, but as usual there was a bit left over. I remembered I had some wicks from when I had made my own candles. This inspired me to reuse these candles.

I put my oven on its lowest setting. Melted the remaining wax and poured it into another container. I now have empty candle holders and a new candle.

This became a layered candle. I would allow each layer to firm up before I put the new layer in. No mingling of scents.

This final picture is what all of our upstairs windows looked like when our temperature was down near 0 degrees. Sheets of ice formed on all the windows. Jeremy has not had time yet to get plastic over our windows like he usual does. It is crazy to see that ice layer on the inside of your window.

So this is the little bits that are happening in between the bigger events going on at this time of year. There is a lot more to come in the month of December. Be looking out for it.


A lot has been going on in the Movius household and this would be the reason my blog is so out of date. Finding time to have the lucidity of mind to write is challenging right now, but I have it at this moment. Everyone else is still in bed and it is quiet.

Here goes. We have had another birthday, Thanksgiving and snow since I last wrote. I am going to start with the snow because I have family eager to see it.

Above is our crap apple tree. For a few days, we would wake up and have this little bit of snow on the ground that would always melt before noon.

Then, at the beginning of last week, it began to snow for real. This picture was taken on the 22nd of this month.

This is what we were left with the next day. That is our driveway. You cannot really see, but it has collected the majority of snow. We will be driving out through the field while there is still snow on the ground.

I love snow on the dark green pine needles.

Snow time fun. What you cannot realize is that for two days our temperatures hovered around 0 degrees. On this day, I believe our high was around 10 degrees. It was so cold. Jeremy slept downstairs three nights to keep our fire going, so our water pipes would not freeze up. What a wonderful husband.

Our path through the field.

At the top of the picture, you see the girls trying to sled all together. They did get some sledding in, but not all together.

Birthday and Thanksgiving pictures on their way.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Wind Storm

This is what we woke up to this morning. Most everyone in the valley and area experienced the wind storm to some degree, but up on the Palouse, the winds rocked the top floor of our house.

Bailee and I did not sleep for a couple of hours. I was awake because of the noise. Bailee was awake because she was sure something was going to come in her wind or she was going to be struck by lightening, which was going on all around us.

Anyway, this tree lost its top during the storm.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tea Party at Grandma Pam's

We were invited to a tea party at Grandma Pam's house. The girls looked forward to this all week long. This is Luken inspecting the table and all that was before him.

Pam laid out her best china. Very brave of her.

The center piece was the floral arrangement that was at the top of her and Mike's wedding cake.

Luken was admiring his little pile of whipping cream.

He also enjoyed his tea a.k.a. water.

Grandma had a party favor for everyone. Luken was giving a very cute puppy.

Each of the girls were given a very special bear.

Luken took a moment to show Great-grandma Georgia his puppy.

We had a wonderful time. Thank you so much, Pam.