Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Becca

Bailee is always excited to meet her new baby cousins. She said this time though that this makes her more excited for her brother to come.

Cousin Kisses

I think someone talked to Sam just as I was taking the picture.

Makayla had to have her turn also. Good practice for when Luken does come.

Friday, May 29, 2009

New Niece - Becca Capri

This is my new niece. She was born on Monday, May 25th at around 10pm

When I went to see my sister, Brandi, the first time, she was crashed out and Becca was in the nursery. These are the pictures I was able to take then.

She weighed 8lbs 7oz and was 20" long. Isn't she adorable?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yes, I am still pregnant!

Just to prove it, here is a picture of me with a good friend who is also pregnant. She is five months along and I am ready to be done. REALLY, REALLY READY!

Memorial Day

Sam and Dad
My husband decided to shave off all his facial hair. I am not sure that I like the look. For one it makes him look way too young.

Makayla and Dad

I am not sure where this face came from, but she seems to favor it right now.

This ring is actually for the lawn darts game that Bailee and Grandpa Mike are playing, but she thought it made a great hula hoop.

Bailee and Grandpa Mike
They had a great time playing lawn darts.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sammy's Haircut

Here she is. Makayla also got her bangs cut and now she is pestering me about cutting her hair shorter.

Our Fire Pit

For those of you who do not know, my parents lived in this house before they set off for Kenya. While they were here, my dad made this little fire pit, which I believe is just the end of some sort of tank. Anyway, as you can see, we use it cook outside with.

The girls had been asking for few weeks now to cook s'mores outside over a fire. We finally found a good night and decided to do dinner outside also. The grill that is over the fire pit is actually a tripod that my grandpa made back when he was young. I believe he had many manufactured and that each family household has one. It has always been a part of our camping stuff.

Anyway, as you can see, the girls loved their s'mores, who doesn't.

Be sure to check Sammy out in the next blogs, because she got a haircut and when I look at this picture I see just how much I took off.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Maria Chapman

Today is the one year anniversary of Maria Chapman going home to be with Jesus. If you have never hurt the conversation that her father, Steven Curtis Chapman, had with Dr. James Dobson, you should. Here is the link that will take you to that site. It will allow you to download it or just listen to it. I would encourage you to do it. It is wonderful and sad to hear from him and how his family is going forward. The link below should take you directly to the interview.

Focus on the Family

Here is an interview that the family did on Good Morning America.

Good Morning America Interview

Another Park Visit

The two little girls and I had some time on our hands on Saturday, so we made another trip to the park.

Here are just few picks from our time there. You see Makayla standing on a little bridge off the ground. This is a real breakthrough for her. She does not like to be on things that she can see the ground through.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pulling Teeth

We have recently gotten the girls on Idaho Medicaid. At this time, it is the only way we could get them insurance. I know there are many of you who understand.
Anyway, dental is one thing offered with their plan. We decided that it would be good to get them in and just see how their teeth are, especially since the younger two had never been to the dentist.

Bailee got told she needed braces. That is not possible at this time, but it is something we are praying about. Makayla got told she has wonderful teeth, but will probably need a few pulled as she begins to lose teeth.
Sammy go told we need to pull teeth now.

On Thursday last week, Sam and I made a trip to Pullman to get two teeth pulled. The first picture is a before picture at the door of the dentist's office. Initially, she was excited because she thought the tooth fairy would bring her double. But as we were standing at the door, I could tell she was very nervous.

This is Sammy waiting in the chair for the doctor to come. When he came, he pulled out this huge needle to numb her gums with. She was very brave and did not cry at all - ever. She teared up a little in the car on the way home, but other than that she did not cry.

She did tell him that it hurt when he poked her with the needle, but she did not flinch or anything. Then when he came back after about five minutes with this huge pair of tweezers, I did not know if I was going to make it. It took him less than three minutes to pull both teeth out. He just grabbed a hold, twisted, and pulled. I am so thankful that I have never had to have teeth pulled.

I would have never thought she could have gone through with it without crying. She was so brave. It just shows that even our children have hidden depths we have not seen. Sammy is cry baby. Everything hurts in mass portion and she is usually dying if she gets hurt. She showed me that there was more to her than I had seen yet.

This beautiful picture is showing the larger space she has on that bottom row of teeth now. This is a few days after the trauma. She was rather sad when I brought her home. And just so you know, the tooth fairy ordered a pizza and had dad bring it home. There was also something under her pillow when she woke the next morning. I do not think she will be volunteering to have anymore teeth pulled, but I think she thinks she made out well in the situation.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Mother's Day

This was our time at the playground. The girls love when they have bigger people at the playground with them. It makes it all so much more fun and there are so many more possibilities.

Chelan and Makayla - The monkey bars are definitely not a possibility for her without a big person.

The girls just love Chelan. We are very thankful that she is willing to put up with Marvin.

Samantha and Chelan - She is also in the same position when it comes to the monkey bars.

Our Makayla is not all that interested in climbing this wall, but she does enjoy the peek hole.

For all of you wanting a picture of me, there you go. I did not realize that Miss Bailee was taking this picture. It is always better that way for me.


Our Crew - Bailee, Marvin, Chelan, Makayla, Samantha

Here is me and my girls - They are quite lovely, aren't they?!

And this one is for you, Mom. Here is your wonderful son.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. It started a bit earlier than I would have liked, but it turned into a great day. We started with church. Then we went to Jeremy's mom's house for lunch. Then we met Marvin and Chelan at Kiwanis Park for a little duck feeding and playground time.
The ducks, it turned out, had been fed enough for the day and they were not interested with what we were offering. This disappointed the girls, but they decided they wanted to put their feet in the river, which is what you see here.

Makayla thought the water was too cold, but Bailee and Samantha thought it was a great idea. They thought the water felt wonderful. It was a very warm day.

Makayla also did not like walking down the rocks to get to the water, so she got herself some transportation.

For those of you not living in the valley anymore, this is a picture for you. It was a beautiful day in LC Valley. We walked along the bike path for a while until we saw the playground and then that was our next adventure. My husband was not prepared for this picture, hence the somewhat dumbfounded look on his face.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I am sorry it has been over a week. I have to admit I just needed a break. Life had gotten busy and I just needed a breather.

Things are coming to a close in our lives. School will be over by the end of the month for us, which I am highly anticipating. Sam and Makayla will be done this week and Bailee hopefully the following. She has been procrastinating about some of her stuff and we will have to see if she is done on time.

Baby Luken will be arriving in a few weeks, but before he comes my sister will have her second girl. In fact, today is her due date. She has been to the doctor twice and been dilated to a 3. She was very frustrated the second time she went in and nothing had changed. I am going to call her today and see how things are going.

I also have a good friend who is due on Saturday and another who has the same due date as myself. It has been fun to have these women going through the same thing as I am and was. We are all impatiently awaiting our new arrivals.

Please pray for me. I live about 15 minutes out of town and my husband works in town. We need God to time this thing so that he can be home when I go into labor. I am believing for a swift delivery. I was only in labor for 4 hours with our youngest.

So that is a general updated at this time, I will have more posts with some pictures of other things that have happened in our lives over the last few weeks.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Oscar and the Bird

On last Saturday, we found our cat, Oscar, in a funny position. I did not get a picture of it, but when the girls first looked behind the couch. He was hanging sideways on the window sill with his nose to the glass. He really wanted this bird. This bird seemed quite content to sit outside the glass and torment our cat. That is until Oscar whacked his head against the glass trying to get to the bird. Animals are funny things and glass just confuses the heck out of them.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

River City Dance Recital

For those of you who know us well, we are a dance family. The beginning of May always means dance recital time for us. I am actually the bookkeeper for River City Dance and that means we are all very involved with the end of the year production.

Here is a picture of our Samantha. She was a flower this year. I had one oops on picture day. I did not make sure that Sammy got her picture taken alone. So this is a picture I took on the day of the recital rehearsal.

This is Samantha with her PreBallet class. You may notice a couple of Sam's good friends, Ashley and Rosie.

Here are our three girls together. Makayla did not take dance this year, but she really wanted to get her picture taken.

This is Bailee with her Tap class. The girl in the back right is Bailee's good friend, Brooke. Brooke broke her lower leg in three places just a few weeks before the recital. The girls really missed her in all the dances.

Miss Bailee really improved this year in her tap skills.

One of many costumes for Bailee. Bailee was in five dances this year and was also an actor with a speaking part.

This is Bailee's jazz class.

Bailee's ballet class

This is my personal favority.

Here are the actors. Yes, that is my husband in the back row. The story they did this year was called "The Selfish Giant" which was written by Oscar Wilde. Jeremy got to practice his acting skills by being the Selfish Giant. He did great. They all did great.

Dad with his girls.

Thank you everyone who joined us this year. Thank you, Ange, for the great pictures.
If you are ever in need of a professional photography, you can find her here - Ange Movius Photography.
If you are looking for a dance school, you can find more info about River City Dance here.