Thursday, May 7, 2009

River City Dance Recital

For those of you who know us well, we are a dance family. The beginning of May always means dance recital time for us. I am actually the bookkeeper for River City Dance and that means we are all very involved with the end of the year production.

Here is a picture of our Samantha. She was a flower this year. I had one oops on picture day. I did not make sure that Sammy got her picture taken alone. So this is a picture I took on the day of the recital rehearsal.

This is Samantha with her PreBallet class. You may notice a couple of Sam's good friends, Ashley and Rosie.

Here are our three girls together. Makayla did not take dance this year, but she really wanted to get her picture taken.

This is Bailee with her Tap class. The girl in the back right is Bailee's good friend, Brooke. Brooke broke her lower leg in three places just a few weeks before the recital. The girls really missed her in all the dances.

Miss Bailee really improved this year in her tap skills.

One of many costumes for Bailee. Bailee was in five dances this year and was also an actor with a speaking part.

This is Bailee's jazz class.

Bailee's ballet class

This is my personal favority.

Here are the actors. Yes, that is my husband in the back row. The story they did this year was called "The Selfish Giant" which was written by Oscar Wilde. Jeremy got to practice his acting skills by being the Selfish Giant. He did great. They all did great.

Dad with his girls.

Thank you everyone who joined us this year. Thank you, Ange, for the great pictures.
If you are ever in need of a professional photography, you can find her here - Ange Movius Photography.
If you are looking for a dance school, you can find more info about River City Dance here.

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