Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pulling Teeth

We have recently gotten the girls on Idaho Medicaid. At this time, it is the only way we could get them insurance. I know there are many of you who understand.
Anyway, dental is one thing offered with their plan. We decided that it would be good to get them in and just see how their teeth are, especially since the younger two had never been to the dentist.

Bailee got told she needed braces. That is not possible at this time, but it is something we are praying about. Makayla got told she has wonderful teeth, but will probably need a few pulled as she begins to lose teeth.
Sammy go told we need to pull teeth now.

On Thursday last week, Sam and I made a trip to Pullman to get two teeth pulled. The first picture is a before picture at the door of the dentist's office. Initially, she was excited because she thought the tooth fairy would bring her double. But as we were standing at the door, I could tell she was very nervous.

This is Sammy waiting in the chair for the doctor to come. When he came, he pulled out this huge needle to numb her gums with. She was very brave and did not cry at all - ever. She teared up a little in the car on the way home, but other than that she did not cry.

She did tell him that it hurt when he poked her with the needle, but she did not flinch or anything. Then when he came back after about five minutes with this huge pair of tweezers, I did not know if I was going to make it. It took him less than three minutes to pull both teeth out. He just grabbed a hold, twisted, and pulled. I am so thankful that I have never had to have teeth pulled.

I would have never thought she could have gone through with it without crying. She was so brave. It just shows that even our children have hidden depths we have not seen. Sammy is cry baby. Everything hurts in mass portion and she is usually dying if she gets hurt. She showed me that there was more to her than I had seen yet.

This beautiful picture is showing the larger space she has on that bottom row of teeth now. This is a few days after the trauma. She was rather sad when I brought her home. And just so you know, the tooth fairy ordered a pizza and had dad bring it home. There was also something under her pillow when she woke the next morning. I do not think she will be volunteering to have anymore teeth pulled, but I think she thinks she made out well in the situation.


  1. come she had to have them pulled? Isn't she about the age that they start falling out?

  2. Wow! What a tough girl! I had to have some of that Novocain with a huge needle when I was a kid, and it hurt like crazy!

  3. She had lost her front two teeth and there was not enough room for them to grow in straight. The dentist pulled the two on the side to allow for those to come in straight. He said it would mean less time in braces.