Friday, May 1, 2009

More Family Gathering

Makayla, Megan, Ysa, Roslynn, Samantha

And then there were more.
Gabe, Ysa, Katie, Makayla, Megan, Roslynn, Samantha
This is most of the younger crew. They are just missing Payton, Matthew, and Josie.

Brittin - One of the older grand children

Bailee took some pictures, so of course she had to get her favorite cousin, Roslynn.

And oh my daughter is sneaky. Here I am in all my pregnantness.
Just about six more weeks.

Here is the head man of this crew. Grandpa Ted made it from Montana to join the family.

Ysa - Another of the cute girls that have come out of this family.

Thankfully, it was nice enough to be outside while we ate.
Here is Grandma with a lot of her grandkids.

Bailee and her buddy, Ros

This is Kaitlyn and she happened to be the birthday girl at this gathering. This family has plenty of April birthdays in it.

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