Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Gathering with the Christian Movius Fam

This weekend we got together with the Movius-Sager family, because Christian, Amy, Gabe, and Megan were in town. They have been living in southern Idaho for the last few years and it is always great when we get a chance to see them. The cousins all had a great time together and the aunts and uncles get to see how much everyone else's kids have grown since the last time we all saw each other.

Roslynn sat on my lap for a while and helped me take pictures. She was hilarious. We took a picture of her dad and Christian and she started kissing the camera and saying "Papa". It was really cute.

This is Megan. She is four along with Matthew and Makayla. There is about a four month period that their birthdays fall into. She had lost a lot of her shyness from her last visit. Bailee was so excited that she allowed her to carry her around and play with her.

This is Matthew with Grandma Brenda. He also was not as shy as the last time I saw him. He kept telling me I was naughty. I am not sure what I was doing though.

Christian and Travis


  1. I tell you, my Roslynn, I've never seen a girl SO in love with her Daddy. She wakes up first thing in the morning saying "Papa" and she goes to sleep saying "Papa". What I would give for that affection to be pointed towards me! :)

  2. Kids are so funny. Our girls love their dad, but when they are hurt and in need of extra love, they come to me.

    I am not sure that they have a favorite. They love us both for different reasons. Dad is for wrestling and rough-housing. Mom is for cuddling and care.

    I am not sure what I would do with a Roslynn-type who was not interested in cuddling. Sam is somewhat like that now, but she was cuddling as a baby and toddler.

  3. It's hard at times- I remember my favorite memories of Ysa as a baby was her sleeping on my tummy with me on the couch. Roslynn NEVER slept on me. She's always been Ms. Independent. But recently, she's gotten a bit more snuggly. Not super snuggly, but I could actually rock her to sleep now, and that never happened before.
    She takes after me though, because I was always ready to go off on an adventure with no help from anyone!

  4. People tell Matthew is he naughty I fear he is getting a complex.

    .....and Ysa wears glasses?

  5. She likes to wear her "house glasses"- glasses with the lenses popped out.