Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Family

I know many of you have never met any of my extended family, so I decided to share some pictures I took at my grandpas's memorial. I really only know the family on my mom's of the family. These are my mom's sisters, nieces, nephews, and one of her aunts.

The above picture is my cousin Shawn with his girlfriend, Sheena and their son, Boston.

This is a picture of my Aunt Denise (right) with her kids, my cousins - Tiffany, Ken, Shawn. I was quite surprised to see my Aunt Denise. She has come to look so much like my grandma when she was younger.

This is my cousin Brian's family - Breanna, Shawna (his wife), Brian
Shane and Brandon

This is my cousin Rachel's family.
Aaron, Brooke, Joshua, Rachel, Katelyn

This is my Aunt Mariah, whom I knew as Aunt Maria most my growing up, because my grandma's name was Mariah also. This is Brian and Rachel's mom. She is here with her boyfriend, Tom.

This is my cousin John with his girlfriend, Mercedes, and his mom, Great Aunt Loretta.

Here is a much better picture of my Great-Aunt Loretta. She is one of my most favorite people.

So here they are. These are the people that I grew up with. Once every summer we would all have the joy of spending time together at my grandparent's house. We were always finding new ways to stress my grandma and get into trouble, but we had incredible fun together.

This is the eight of us. This was actually taken at my grandma's memorial two years ago. I love these guys. There are not many of great memories from childhood that do not include some if not all of these guys.

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