Friday, April 17, 2009


We spent Easter with the Movius-Sager side of the family. Jeremy and I were trying to remember when we had been at an actually family gathering and we were thinking it was back in October. Not sure, but something like that.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures that I took.

Here is Miss Bailee with one of her favorite cousins, Roslynn.

This is our niece, Josie. She really is darn cute.

Bailee was helping Roslynn find eggs during the little kids' egg hunt.

Our Sammy - For some reason, this picture just lets me see Sam when she is older. I do not know why, but I look at it and I can see her as a teen and adult.

Makayla pondering why there are not more eggs in her sack. She has a sack because I forgot their baskets. I am a bit forgetful right now, so I make myself lists. But the baskets just did not make it on my list.

This is brother, Marv, and nephew, Cameron, playing some soccer. I cannot believe how tall Cameron has gotten. Man, do they grow at this age. He is just about to turn 13. Welcome to the teenager years, Becky.

The dynamic duo - Ysabelle and Samantha.
As I have mentioned before, Ysa is the girls' favorite person.

These two are quite the pair also.

My little solo queen. As long as mom was near by, she was good to go it alone.

Three's Company

The Egg Hunting Gang - The older girls were just helping one of the smaller ones.

My crew - Don't ask me why Bailee chose that moment to look away. Marvin was on his way so it was a one shot opportunity.

Roslynn and Me

Breanna, Bailee, Brittin, LeAnn, and Josie
Grandma Brenda handed out bubbles and they were a hit. The wind was blowing just enough to pick them up and carry the away. They thought it was wonderful fun.

Here is Matthew, our nephew. He takes a bit to warm up, but once he does, he is an all out boy. Right before we left, he thought it would be fun to blow bubbles at me. I let him, because like his sister, Josie, he is darn cute.

Well, these are my Easter pictures. One of these days I will try to find or get pictures of the individual families of mine and Jeremy's sibblings. If you did not know, I have 7 siblings and Jeremy has 5. We definitely have a lot of family which we find very enjoyable.

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  1. I think Sam looks a lot like you in that picture where you said you could see her as a grown-up.