Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Crafts - Part 3

Egg dyeing was our third project. I do not do this every year. In fact, my mom will laugh when she sees that I did it, because I am sure I told her I would not be doing it again. Too messy and chaotic.

Well, that was last year and my mom, dad, and younger siblings were here last year, this year we just needed some fun. Whether you like it or not, kids love to dye things and eggs are relatively inexpensive and you can eat them when you are done.

Here are the girls doing the stuff. The kit I had bought came with glitter, but using the glitter was definitely a mess. I am all for fun, but not into things that cause great disasters.

Here are their fingers after we were all done. Bailee did hers on purpose. Thankfully, they took a bath and soaked that color right out.

Here are their beautiful creations. Most of which only lasted until that night. We did these Saturday and I said I would bring deviled eggs on Sunday to the Movius Parent's home. The girls were very disappointed. They thought we were going to leave them this way forever.

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