Thursday, April 2, 2009

Photo Shoot Taken Outside

Yes, this is my thirteen year old daughter. Why does she do this to me?
She took the photo shoot session outside last week when we were having some spring like weather. This child wants to be a designer and live in Paris some day.

Sisterly love. These two are the best of friends. I am not sure what Makayla would do without her big sister. And as you can see, Sam is definitely the big sister. I cannot explain to you why she is so tall. I am shocked every time we go to measure how tall she is getting. It always seems to jump inches.


  1. You would think that Sam was 3 years older by how tall she is!
    I love Bailee's "looking off camera wistfully" look.

  2. I cannot believe how tall Sam is also. There are tall people on both sides of the family. I just did not think one of the girls would get it. Jeremy said he does not know what he will do if she ends up taller than he is.

    Bailee is definitely getting those looks down.