Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Crafts - Part 2

Our next project was sugar cookie making. This is a definite favorite. The girls love to do this any time they can get Mom to say yes. Sammy is expressing her understanding of Easter by placing the cross cookie cutter over her heart.
There was a little cookie making, a little taste testing, and a whole lot of fun.

Makayla's favorite part is the taste testing.

Once we had cut all the cookies we could, the girls decided it was time to play. They started by making snakes, bu those snakes turned in to mustaches quickly. They did not stay in place well, hence the tipped back heads.

My teenager actually allowed me to take this picture.

Makayla was not sure where a mustache belonged.

My chefs


  1. looks like fun! wish i was there to get in on the fun - i'm always down for making some cookies : )

    i love their aprons jess! did you make those?

  2. Brenda actually made the aprons. The one Makayla is wearing was Sam's, the one Sam is wearing was Bailee's, and the one Bailee has on is mine.

    They really enjoy them.