Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Art Under the Elms

We always go looking to bring home a treasure. Cotton candy was the first thing on Makayla's mind. This was not bought until much later.

Bailee bought herself a ring made out of a Scrabble tile. We are looking into making these ourselves. They looked very simple to make.

Makayla bought herself a frog, which Grandpa Mike helped her name Kermit.

The booth with the strawberry lemonade and chocolate covered strawberries is always a favorite.

Sam bought herself a horse puppet. Bailee got herself a dog one last year and Sammy has been waiting all year to get herself one. I am not sure what she has called it at this time, but I am sure it is something entertaining.

We love the Art Under the Elms. When spring comes around, the anticipation builds and the girls start asking as soon as the snow disappears.


  1. When was the tea with the fairies thing? I didn't even see that as an option. And what day did you go that has all that plants at a booth? I think we came on the wrong day, I would've loved to buy plants!

  2. Faery tea was on Saturday. We did not actually know about it until we got there. We had one of the faeries come up to us and tell us about it. Sammy really wanted to go and it was free, so we made sure we went.

    The booth with the plants was the faery tea. Patt's Garden Center is the one who put it on. I am not sure if they were actually selling anything, but all the plants were labeled.

    I will definitely be looking for it again next year. They were doing it once on hour on the hour starting at 11am on Saturday. I am not sure how many times they did it though. I did not look too closely at the schedule they had up.

    It was fun. If we find out in time next year, maybe we could go together. I know the girls would love to share it with Ysa.

    I am even thinking of doing one for Makayla or Sammy's birtday and having Bailee and maybe some of her friends to be the faeries.