Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Piggy Banks

Here are Sam and Makayla's piggy banks. Bailee has not completed hers yet.

So I told you yesterday about the great site I use for a lot of the crafts we do around here. Today, I want to show you the piggy banks the girls have made. They are really cute. The only thing that I have to say against this craft is the legs were very challenging to do. If we attempt this a second time, I am going to think of something else for the legs.

Bailee just loves to have her picture taken right now.

This was the best smile I have gotten from Sam in quite a few days. Usually, I get a very cheesy half smile.

Makayla working hard, which is kind of fun, because I ended up finishing it for her. Don't you like her hair. Just about a week or so ago, I cut off just a little and now it does this nature curl under. I love it.

Now they just have to wait for the glue to dry. The pattern actually called for you to use all pink tissue and paint, but what is the fun in that.

Here are a couple more of the finished product. The girls were confused on how the money came back out once you put it in there. Once I told them that it did not come back out until it was full and mom said, Sam would not put any of her money in it.


  1. cute.

    we just did a school wide project that was similar to this....we used all recycled garbage (plastic, foam, cardboard) and each class had to create an object or animal....they all turned out class did alligators. I will have to post a picture.

    I have a good idea for legs too....small dixie cups filled with sand and then masking taped on....then paper mache around them. They dry very hard and are sturdy.

  2. Good to see you Saturday. Weren't the girls cute in their dances. Good job Jeremy. And Bailey, you have grown so much that Nathan didn't recognize you until I told him it was you. He said you were a good dancer.