Saturday, July 24, 2010

Anjahli Renee Derting - My New Niece

It finally happened and she was only two weeks overdue. My sister has been impatiently waiting for about six weeks now for her daughter to arrive and today was the day.

Above is the picture of the proud father. Justin is going to make such a great dad. He is an excellent uncle.

Here he is showing Luken his new cousin. Right after I took this picture, Luken gave Anjahli a hug shove and tried to get off of Justin's lap.

Each of the girls got an opportunity to hold her.

While Bailee was holding her, she would suck one side of her bottom lip in and then push the whole thing out. It was too cute.

Yep, even I am willing to get my picture taken for a niece or nephew. Not quite sure what Makayla is doing in the background.

Doesn't Brittney look great! I heard she did great.

If you would like to see some other great pictures of this little family, check out Ange Movius Photography blog. Look at July 24ths post.

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