Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 4 - The Hike

This is another view of the left side of the beach. The tide had come in a lot since our morning walk.

Now we were off to take a hike. When we first came to the park, we saw a sign marked "North Trail". I was all for going hiking, but it took a few days to get Jeremy to agree. He may not have agreed, if we had known it was mostly uphill. It was up the side of a small mountain on a switchback course.

We found out that trees that are shaped like this come about when a seedling begins to grow on a log. It sends roots down around the log and eventually the log decays to the point of disappearing entirely. Leaving trees that look like they are on stilts. They are very cool.

Thankfully, most of the trail was wide enough for Luken's stroller. There was only one section that we had to do a bit of mountain climbing and carrying the stroller.

This view is back down toward Cape Lookout beach, which is on the left hand side.

We let Luken walk for a bit, but when Makayla got into the stroller for a ride. He was not happy and it was not long before he wanted back in.

I was hoping to get more of the trail switchbacks in this shot.

Makayla took the above picture.

Here is the only picture with all of us in it. My family was not good at giving me to use the timer on my camera, so this is the only one I got them to sit for.

This night we had crab for dinner. Bailee named these two fellows, but I cannot remember what. She said it was important for them to feel loved before they died. The only way to do that was to give them names. Oh, to be a teenager again.

Day 5 coming soon.

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