Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Goodman Family

We have some great friends that have girls of similar ages of Sam and Makayla. Their youngest daughter, Anna, is just a few weeks older than Luken.

We went to their home a few weeks back to have dinner with them.

Little Miss Anna is quite the climber. She will climb on anything. The above picture is her route out of the car.

This is how she gets off.

She is absolutely one of the cutest little girls I know.

This is their dog, Charlie. She chased this ball all over the yard. It was very entertaining to watch. She did it for at least an hour.

Sam and Rosie are just two months apart.

Bailee is such a quirky girl. This was a no picture moment, but of course, that did not deter her father.

This beautiful girls is Tess. I love this cute little thing. She has so much personality.

This was a picture moment.

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