Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Beach

A few weeks ago, we took a trip to the beach. Bailee brought a couple of friends and my friend, Jill, and her little girl, Jocelyn, came with us also.

The beach is always one of the best places during the summer.

Jocelyn loves the beach. She is one of the best babies I have ever met. She sat in the water between her mom's legs for over an hour.

Marvin came with us also. That is him lying behind Makayla.

The funnest part of going to the beach is to see how far out into the river you can go. The girls were called back at this point. I am a good swimmer, but I do not have any life saving skills.

Their were a multitude of baby fish right along the edge of the beach. All the kids enjoyed attempting to catch them.

I love watching teenagers allow themselves to be kids again.

Their were moments when the big girls were no different than the little girls.

Such a cute, little sweet pea.

Luken just walked over to this section of the beach by himself and proceed to lay down. He then got sat back up and then he would lie down again.

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