Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 6 - Beverly Beach State Park

As at Cape Lookout, as soon as we could we came to the beach. We did not walk down it though. We just spent some time watching the girls play. The day before had been a long day. We were all a bit sluggish when we woke up.

Sam and Makayal brought their kites with them and got an opportunity to fly them.

When Miss Bailee is sluggish, she tends to exude teenage attitude.

The surf here was so much larger than it was at Cape Lookout.

I was hoping we would get to see someone surfing, but it did not happen.

The sun was out and it was warm, but it is amazing how cool the breeze off the ocean is.
Hence Jeremy wearing a sweatshirt.

Luken doing his thing out on the sand.

We had really reverted back to our teenageness. This ended up to be our roughest day.

Licking the sand off this rock.

Jeremy and I did not plan on coordinating with the adidas logo. In fact, I did not recognize it until my sister pointed it out when she was looking at the pictures.

More to come.

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