Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 2 - Continued

Luken loves to be where his dad is.

Making sure Dad was with him.

This is actually our second visit to the beach. After our morning walk, we came back to camp and just hung out. Then that afternoon we came back to the beach. In the above picture, Bailee is jumping the waves.

Makayla as before stated stayed in the shallows.

I just loved how the mist was coming in.

Luken loved the sand. He loved to eat it and lie down in it.

Licking the yummy sand off his toes. I think we are just now getting poopy diapers without sand.

If you noticed in the previous pictures to the right, three far away rocks. These are them. The one in the middle is actually an arch.

The following are just some pictures I thought were cool with the sand, sea, and sun.

And finally here is the crew, this was another walk at the end of the day. I loved that we got up every morning and took a walk on the beach and then again at night we would take a final walk.

Okay, Day 3 tomorrow.

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