Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 5 - Oregon Coast Aquarium

At Newport is the Oregon Coast Aquarium. We love going to aquariums and museums, so we did not want to miss the chance of going here. Above is a sea otter. He was really cute and a whole lot bigger than I anticipated.

There is one section of the aquarium where you are walking through tubes that go underwater and all the sea life is swimming around. One of the tanks held sharks. They were not very big, but it was still incredible to have them swimming around you. And they were interested, you could almost hear them thinking on how they could get to all the humanity.

This is a wolfeel. It was very large also. I did not get a great picture of it though.

The girls were obviously awed. Just as a side note, the tanks that have these tubes are actually what use to be Keiko, the killer whale's tank. He was the killer whale in the Free Willy movies.
He lived here at the Oregan Coast Aquarium for a while.

This is a puffin. They were very cool.

There was also a tank for sea lions and seals. In the above picture is a California sea lion and the below is of a seal.

They had a couple of different tanks of jellyfish. The girls loved these the most.

Do you see the sea horses?

This is an anaconda, which can grow up to 30 ft. This thing was huge.

Jeremy and I could not find what this little fish was called, but we thought it was incredible how wide he could open his mouth.

Troyanna, all the pictures of the sea life are for you. I know how much you love animals and life outside. We wished you could have been with us. You, too, Dannon.

The only thing missing from Day 5 is our first glimpse of Beverly Beach. I will bring those pictures to you tomorrow.

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