Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 4 - Sea Life and A Bit of Camp Life

With the low tides, we were able to see some incredible sea anemones and starfish.

The above creatures are called goose neck barnacles. There were so interesting. I had never seen them before.

These were some huge mussels. The starfish in the picture is the same size as the large ones in the other pictures.

This was a cave at the left end of the beach.

These anemones had a bit of pink tinge to them.

The beach was so long.

Jeremy, Sam, and Makayla had worn tennis shoes on this walk. This little river ran all the way to the ocean. Jeremy gave each of the little girls a toss across it.

We thought of all of you while we were gone. The kids missed cousins to play with on the beach and sit around the fire chatting with.

Once we got back to camp, we had a little down time. The girls played some cards.

Jeremy is getting himself something to eat.

Luken was practicing his balancing act.

I, of course, was taking pictures. More of Day 4 to come.

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  1. awww, i'm loving all of your posts. your pictures are so nice! i want a new camera even more now : ) we miss you guys too and wish we could have been there. definitely looking forward to the next time we can all camp together!!!