Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 6 - Camp and More Beach Time

This campground had an amphitheater and playground not to far from our site. They would disappear anytime we were at our camp site.

Luken and Dad were having some father/son time.

Then it was back to the beach that afternoon. We all knew we would be leaving in the morning and we wanted as much time at the beach as possible.

This time we allowed the girls to get in.

They were so covered with sand. Thankfully the showers at the campground we nice also.

Luken did not like the cold water. Every time the surf would come to close he would run away.

One time he was not paying attention and it almost got him. Thanks to Dad, he was saved a dunking.

As you can see, the sand was a constant treat.

When Jeremy was a kid, his dad and Brenda had gotten him a kite while on a trip to the Oregon Coast. He brought this with him and had one opportunity to use it.

Sand, sand, sand
Luken has missed the sand and not being outside all the time since we have been home.

Day 7 - The trip home coming soon.

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