Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 2 - Cape Lookout State Park, Oregon

Everyone but Bailee woke up bright and early our first morning there. The girls were ready for the beach and Luken just loved that he was getting to be outside all the time.

He has also taken an interest in Makayla's scooter. He thought he was quite talented when he could get two feet up on it and balance.

The first of the wildlife we encountered. You cannot go to the coast without seeing some big green slugs.

After breakfast, we took a walk down the beach. For our first walk, we head to the right. Above is Bailee and Jeremy forging ahead as the rest of us look for shells. There were many sand dollars on this beach, but we only found a few that had not been broken by the seagulls.

Our lovely teenager

Sam with her pant legs rolled up.

This is the beach to the left.

We did not think to bring the stroller the first walk on the beach. Luken could only walk for so long.

Above is a picture of a something or other. I did some research when we got back and I think it is an isopod. Isopods are actually not indigenous to the Oregon coast, so they ask you to catch and freeze any specimens and then take the to the Oregon Wildlife Department. I did not know this until I had gotten home though. This one is also carrying a bunch of eggs, which is the orange stuff you see.

This is Jeremy showing the girls the whole sand dollar he had found.

Our home away from home.

Fat, coastal squirrels - This one the girls named Theodore.

Makayla liked the water, but she did not venture in much higher than her knees.

I have to admit this is only half of the pictures I have for you for Day 2. Tomorrow will bring the rest. I hope you are enjoying our trip to the Oregon coast.

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