Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 3 - Continued

The only bit of rain we had was on Day 3. We had just started to head back from our morning wake when a misty came in. It stated misty until mid-afternoon. It never really rained. There was just water in the air.

This is at Cannon Beach. This is where we came to do a bit of the touristy stuff. They have a great little town with fun shops. Sam and Makayla bought themselves kites here.

I just loved this flower. I loved the green star in the middle.

We actually saw four raccoons right here, but I only got this ones picture.

This is looking down on the beach that is right before Cape Lookout's beach.

Once we returned to camp, it was back to the beach for some sand castle building. For Luken, sand castle destruction.

Jeremy dug this hole and they all took turns getting into it.

Bailee finishing her masterpiece.

The showers at camp where high pressure which Luken would not have liked. He got to take a bath in the dish tub. He liked it just fine until I started to wash him.

It was almost time for bed. Day 4 coming tomorrow.

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