Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yard Work

A couple of weeks ago, before the rain came, I had the girls out working on the yard. Bailee is using my new favorite tool. It is a ground turner-upper. I love it. It has made my gardening so much easier.

Sam and Makayla wanted their own flower garden, so I had them clearing the grass. They have yet to plant their flowers. Weeding is not something they enjoy doing.

This is what Luken is doing while we are working in the yard. He loves to eat dirt. He has tried it several times and he still goes back for more.

He loves the garden. I have to keep a close watch on him when we are outside. He gravitates straight to it. He loves to pick leaves and sit on plants.

Yep, Bailee loves the yard work and getting her picture taken.

Here the garden is as of May 25th. I have added more since then. I will keep you updated.

Makayla loves to have her picture taken.

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