Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Luken's Birthday Breakfast

We have a tradition of letting the birthday person choose a special breakfast. Since Luken is too young to communicate a preference, we took a vote. Majority ruled crepes. Birthday crepes are filled with strawberries and whipped cream a.k.a Cool Whip.

These pictures of Luken were taken when we were singing "Happy Birthday" to him. He was definitely not sure what to think of us all singing at him.

His emotions, as you can see, ranged from bewildered, scared, mad ...

and finally, happy. I am not sure why us singing put him through so much, but it did. He has such an expressive personality. Everything shows on his face.

Next we gave our family gift. Being one, we did not feel the need to go too overboard.

We just got him what every dirt loving little boy needs - a dump truck.

The hard hat is fun also.


  1. I bet Jeremy's ecstatic to finally buy boy toys he can play with too.

  2. He is. He is so looking forward to when Luken and him can really play and wrestle together.

    Luken has no real separation anxieties except when his dad leaves every morning for work. Luken just cries. He wants to go with Jeremy so bad. It makes Jer feel so good.