Saturday, June 12, 2010

Family in Town

Randi and the kids are here. It has been so great getting to see them again. They got into to town really late Monday night, so we went over Tuesday afternoon to have a visit. Randi's mom and dad had a bbq for family. Thank you so much, Linda and Dave.

This is Miss Addi. She was not too sure of all of us to begin with. Most of us, she does not really remember. She is so cute.

This is a two peas in a pod. Caedmon and Makayla are four months a part and they are a pair. It is so much fun watching them together. They are about the same height right now, but I foresee the next time we get together, Caedmon will be taller.

Kids are kids. It did not take long for Addi to warm up to her cousins. I think her aunts and uncles are going to have to give her a bit more time.

I was trying to get her to look at me and take a picture with her mom, but she was being cheeky. Seems to remind me of someone, maybe her father.

Who needs a jungle gym when you have an Uncle Justin. Justin is great with kids. He spent most of his time getting Addi and Caedmon to warm up to him. It took very little wrestling to get Caedmon to warm up. By the time we were all leaving, he was reeling Addi in also.

Luken want to be a part of the fracas.

But when things started to get too rowdy, he was on his way out.

Addi was also just an observer.

She put her chair in just the right spot to catch all of the action.

Marvin, Chelan, and Bailee chillin.

Auntie Brittney finally getting a kiss from Luken. Before if you asked Luken for a kiss, he would try and smack you in the face.

Randi's mom, Linda, had gotten herself a new baby in the last week. He name is Bella and she is very cute. All of the kids just loved her. As you can see, she wanted to give Luken a kiss.

Addi was not to be left out. She wanted her fair share of doggy kisses.

Like I said, way too cute! There is a whole lot of personality packed into that little body.

Luken loved the puppy. He kept trying to pick her up by the tail.

Last but not least, Dave made us all s'mores with huge marshmallows. This is what happens when you have facial hair. Click the picture to get a big view. You will see Justin has it all down his beard.

We have had a great few days getting visit with Randi and kids. I know their time here will just go by way too quickly. We miss you, Jake. Randi said it felt kind of funny being there without you. There was a definitely hole without you. Actually, there were several holes, but I won't go there.

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