Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy 35th Anniversary, Dad and Mom!!!

Here is Dad Leister has a youngster.

Here is Mom Leister. This is here senior portrait. I remember that my Grandma had a huge one of these hidden in the loft of their house. I have wondered what happened to that portrait.

This is on their wedding day. There are very few pictures from their wedding day that I have seen. I have a feeling wherever that huge portrait is that is where the wedding pictures are also.

A little over one year after being married. Who do you think that cute, bald baby is?

Several years later, after having a horse ranch and being mountain people, they chose to get civilized.

This is a few years after living in Clarkston. That cute little guy is Marvin.

Bowman Bay - One of our favorite family destinations.

With their first grandchild, I made them young grandparents. They were both in their 40s in this picture.

This picture was actually taken just a few months ago. They are in Eldoret, Kenya saving babies. In fact, they just received six more kids on Friday. That brings the total up to 15 kids under the age of four. Can anyone say "CRAZY!!"?

I thought I would throw in a couple of family pictures just for fun. In the top one, you can see we are all younger and missing a few people.

This one was taken last August. It is missing Brandi and her girls.

Mom and Dad, we love you and honor you. Thank you for being parents willing to pursue what was best for the family. Thank you for staying together and give our children grandparents to look up to. Thank you for being the pioneers in many areas and going before us and paving the way. We look forward to following you for the next 35 years.


  1. Holy Cow your mom was HOT! She's always been so pretty, but she could've been a model. The senior picture makes her look like Jake with a wig and makeup on.

  2. Jake does look a lot like my mom. He looks incredibly like my mom's dad when you compare their senior pictures.