Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Girls Again

I thought since todays picture was just these two I would add a couple more. We have been talking haircuts for about a month now. Sam's hair as you saw earlier was getting really long. I think she has beautiful hair, but she is just not ready to take care of it yet. I have never been a mom to fuss over my kids hair. My solution to the not-cared-for hair problem is to cut it.

So that is what happened yesterday. Both girls got their hair cut. Makayla's is very short. When she first saw herself, she was not sure what to think. She was the one to tell me how short to make it though. Sam told me she definitely did not want her hair as short as Makayla's.

Anyway, here are two of our beautiful daughters with their summer dos.

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  1. I've been threatening to cut Ysa's hair- I'm willing to brush it and fix it for her, if she will hold still and not scream. So I tell her if she wiggles and screams, I'll get the scissors out. She loves her hair and has decided to grow it long, so we'll see how that goes. Curly hair can take so long to grow.