Saturday, June 26, 2010

Visiting with Jake

To say I miss my family that no longer lives in valley is an understatement, I loved when we all lived here and spent Sundays together having a family prayer time. I know God has sent them all to where he has chosen them to go, but I definitely miss them.

So when we found out Jake would be traveling through Spokane on his way to Seattle, I started thinking of possibilities. There really was only one possibility. That was to see if Jake wanted to take a bit of time with us before he traveled on. Thankfully for me, he did.

Yesterday we drove up to Airway Heights, a small town west of Spokane. It is not far from the airport. We got lunch and then went to a park together.

We got an opportunity to spent a bit of time with Jake and Luken got an opportunity to get reacquainted.

Bailee wanted me to take her picture coming out of the slide. I don't think she thought she was going to fall on her bum.

We had a great time. Thank you, Jake, for taking time for us. Thank you, Randi, Caedmon, and Addi for sharing your husband/dad with us when you have not seen him in a while either. We love you guys.

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