Friday, June 25, 2010

Luken's Birthday Party

Isn't this a great cake!! Randi made it for Luken. She is so talented when it comes to birthday cakes. Bailee wishes every year since Randi, Jake, and the kids moved to Wichita that we could fly her back to make Bailee's birthday cake.

These are the cupcakes she made to go with them. Thank you so much Randi. I have been blessed by your culinary gift since you have been here.

We had lots of family and friends to help us celebrate Luken's big #1.

As with the birthday crepe, he was not sure what we had put in front of him when we gave him his own cake.

He did not cry this time when we all sang to him, but he did not dig right into his cake either.

He did eventually get some in his mouth and on his hands, but it was a slow happening thing.

This is Sam with her cousin, Payton.

And there is Amanda and the very cute, Elias.

Her is Jocelyn with her mommy, Jill. Luken actually has several babies he will get to be buddies with throughout the years. Jocelyn is one of the cutest.

We handed out bubbles to all the kids.

Luken with Great Grandma.

Here is Miss Bailee with cousin Elias. We got to babysit him for his first time without mom and dad not too long after this. There will be more pictures to come. He is one of the sweetest babies.

Grandma Brenda was not able to come to the party because she was working, so she came up later. She brought Luken this great shirt from Cody, WY. Grandpa Ted picked it out. He loved it. Thank you so much, Grandpa.

Luken was very blessed on his first birthday. Thank you everyone for your gifts and presence.

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