Thursday, April 28, 2011

Old Family Photos

We have been very busy this week and I do have pictures. I am just needing to get them off the camera. Until then I thought I would show you some old family pictures I found.

The above picture is of my dad's mom, Mary Romando Leister. She is the shorter of the two.

The above picture has my dad in it and the below one has my mother. Can you find them?

For those of you who know them, you will recognize my parents below. I am sure this was from one of my mom's senior dances. She told me she made Dad that shirt.

This final picture has my dad's parents in it. They are the couple in the lighter colored clothing. I just love old pictures. They are so fun.


  1. Your mom is second to the right of the picture in the back row in the blue dress with white sleeves.
    Your dad is in the middle row, second from the left of the picture in the striped shirt.

  2. Ange - Your good! Actually I need you would find them.