Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Joshua!!

Today is my brother Josh's birthday. He is the sibling that is closest to me in age. My birthday was on Sunday the 17th and Josh's is the 19th. We have many times shared our birthdays and I miss those times. Although I am sure there were many of those times I wish to have my own party and celebration. It would have been the best birthday gift to have him and his family be able to join in a joint celebration this year. C'est la vie.

So for your birthday, Joshua, I thought I would bring you a walk down memory lane.

Obviously, I have no real memory of the first picture. Mom has told me that I was not overly excited to have you join our little family though. I was quite content to be an only child.

Aren't you cute?

Still cute, but there is getting to be black fire in those eyeballs. This was about the time you got big enough to be scary at moments. It was also about this time that your hero worship of Kenny got down right annoying.

I really only have a vague memory of you in your staring role. I do remember these plays being fun though.

I remember going to watch you play baseball around this time. I would get so frustrated for you when I could see that you were frustrated.

I realize that this is quite the jump in age, but I must not have the right box of Mom's pictures. I really could not find anything in between. Who are these guys? I mean I recognize Darth Vader, but the others?!

Dance, dance, dance. Don't you miss it!

My brothers - I miss you two. I miss getting an opportunity to just be with you.

The Bachelor - I am glad you held out for the right woman. Bailee loves to tell everyone how she frightened you while riding with you on the motorcycle. It is one of her favorite stories about you. That one and the one when you and Peter let her steer your car. She is sure she almost killed the three of you.

And look at you now, a beautiful wife (Rachel, I am sorry you are not in the picture.) and two wonderful children. We miss all of you and cannot wait to see you later this year.

Happy Birthday, my brother. I hope you have a wonderful day.


  1. Your parents are so cute! I didn't even recognize Josh in his dance make-up.

  2. They are cute. I have another picture from when Dad took Mom to a school dance that I am going to put on here soon. It is hilarious.

    Josh is making such an odd expression in that picture. It is no wonder that you did not recognize him.

  3. He's obviously REALLY not happy about having evidence that he is, in fact, wearing makeup.