Friday, April 15, 2011

Being a Boy

Obviously, I have no experience in this, but my son has taken to it like no one's business.
As you can see, he felt that Cocoa Puffs are meant to go in your ears.

In the bottom picture, you see that he has one in each ear.
And this is just one of many boy things that he likes to do. You have to be careful around our house or you could get wrestled to the ground by our full of energy boy.

Here is our boy with his dad. The funny thing is that Jeremy meant to make the face, but Luken didn't. These two are quite the pair.


  1. Yes, well, we try to keep that one at home and hidden. The child has this incredible ability to make binkies disappear. On one of these occasions, the only binkies Jer could find at the store were girl colored.