Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Day with Sledding

Like yesterday, my pictures are way behind. This were taken on the 5th of December. We had a great day of sledding and fun together.

Thank you so much, Great Grandpa and Great Grandma. Luken loves his snowsuit and boots.

Sam and Makayla doing a bit of snow surfing.

Jeremy finally has some time to play.

Luken getting a ride to the sledding hill.

This is Samantha and me. We have a great sledding hill. It is a hike to go up, but coming back down is so fun.

Makayla practicing her seal skills.

Luken going sledding for the first time. He loved it in a rather stoic manner.

Luken just did not want to have his picture taken.

This was Luken's last sledding trip of the day. He and I went inside after this. We had a lot of fun. I am hoping at some point we will get this snow again and can have a sledding party.


  1. So fun! I'm jealous you have your own sledding hill.

  2. We are more than willing to share. I realize that you might not be up to it the rest of the winter, but you are all welcome. If you think we have snow and get the urge to sled, just give us a call and we can make a sledding day of it. We love to have you guys come up and sled with us.