Friday, December 17, 2010

Advent Calendar

This year I really wanted to do an advent calendar so that we would spend some time each day thinking about what this season is all about.

I found this cute idea in a magazine I get or online or somewhere. Anyway, I put it together as a surprise for the girls and they have loved it. I love getting to open each window and she what is in store for their day. We have definitely had more in depth conversations about what happened when Jesus came to this earth.


  1. So, what's inside the windows?

  2. Well, I broke the first two chapters of Luke up and spread it through the days. I have acts of kindness for them to do either to anyone or sometimes I specify for one of their sisters. I have crafts and family nights.

    Yesterday's window said "read Luke 2: 1-7 and draw a picture of the manger scene and receive a surprise".

    Today's said "Make our gift for grandparents and girls get to pick out a movie for movie night."

    Some days contained the "receive a surprise", most did not. I wanted to give them a little gift on some of the days, but I did not want them to expect it.

    It has definitely been fun and it has helped us focus.