Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day

We picked Marvin up Christmas Eve night on our way home.

I have to admit I did not take a lot of pictures on Christmas Day. I do not know if I took so many the day before that I was burnt out or the fact that I was just too busy to remember to pick up my camera.

This Marvin helping me make Christmas breakfast. We made biscuits and gravy and bacon popovers. Marv made the biscuits all himself. It was all very good.

I had never made popovers before, but they were very good. I will definitely do it again.

Here is us in our Christmas pjs. I made all of us pajama pants and then bought us the t-shirts.

I wrote our nicknames on the back. Luken's says Lukinator and Sam's says Sammy. You cannot read them very well.

We got one of the best gifts this year from Linda and Dave, Randi's parents. They bought them tickets so they could come here for Christmas. We had all of them up for Christmas snacking.

The above picture is Largent, Randi's little brother.

This is Linda and Dave, Randi's parents. Randi don't tell you mom this picture is here. I could find myself in trouble.

Brother Jake, Sister Brittney and Brother Marvin barely making it into the picture.

Aunt Randi with Anjahli - I am pretty sure this was the first time they had met.

And here we are - five of the eight Leister children with families. We are just missing my parents, Josh and family, Troy, and Dannon. And you were all very much missed.

Justin - I am sorry, but this was the best picture I got. The other possibility had your wife looking rather grumpy.

Makayla and Addi Jane

Sam and Caedmon

We almost did not get Caedmon to come into the house. Jake told me he was so looking forward to being outside in the snow, which we only have a little of right now. It was enough for Caedmon though.

We had a wonderful Christmas day. Thank you everyone for the food and fun you brought.

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