Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Decorating Our Christmas Tree

Luken getting in on some more holiday action.

Jeremy brought home this hat last year and the girls love it. Luken had it on for about a second.

Jeremy does the lights and the star. We handle the rest.

I am not sure exactly what he is doing. He had a cookie and I am not sure if he ate it or not.

Our tree - Bailee told me today that it looks sad because it does not have all matching ornaments, but I love it. Everything on their was a gift or made. Nothing like hanging love on a tree.

The tree no longer looks like this. That night it fell over. Our star is no longer on the top because it broke. We are on the hunt for a new one. I bought one, but it definitely did not fit our tree. It is Jeremy's turn to try.

If you are interested, the History Channel did a documentary on the origins of our Christmas season. It gave some great history on where our traditions come from. It was eye opening. I would recommend checking it out. You can check it through our Valnet system at the library.

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