Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always a very busy day for us. We always go to spend the afternoon and evening with Jeremy's Mom and grandparents.

Here we are right before we left. Pam always provides the girls with lovely dresses for Christmas.

And not to be left out, the men in my life.

This is probably the first gift that Luken was ever really interested in. He was not all that interested in opening his birthday gifts.

He really got into it after this.

Sammy and Grandpa

At Pam's in front of her tree

Miss Bailee making a funny face.

Makayla with her new puppy

Sam with her "I love this" look.

Makayla's new favorite color is silver. Pam found her some shine silver snow boots, which she proceed to wear for the rest of the night.

This is at Grandpa Ray and Grandma Georgia's.

Sam, Makayla, and Luken are with Aliah and Bryke. These are their second cousin that they love to get the opportunity to visit.

All three of the girls got new coats, so nice.

Luken getting help from his dad in opening his gifts.

This is a picture of my son right before he throws that lens cap at me. The child cannot help but throwing things.

We had a great time Christmas Eve. This year I had myself organized to the point that I did not have anything to do when we got home. Previous years, I had gifts to finish and wrap, stockings to stuff, and food to get started. Thankfully that was not the case this year.


  1. I love the look of shock on your face in the first picture. Like you didn't realize the camera was coming. Also, wow, is Bailee ever rocking the 80's. It's crazy all that stuff is back in style.

  2. We actually had a better one of me, but Sam had her eyes closed and I could not photo shop the eyes from one picture to another right.

    About Bailee, I know, I laugh when I see people dressed in what I wore in junior high. Bailee definitely has a style are her own though.