Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Cookie Making

Luken was very excited to get in on the cookie making action this year.

We did our first batch of cookies last weekend after Thanksgiving. We really had the last relaxing week last week.

I am not sure what is with my girls. They just love to put cookie dough on their noses.

On a none family note, I just want to share some free music with you. Last year, I discovered that Amazon.com does 25 days of Free Christmas music. They also have other music for free. I have gotten about 15 free songs this year from them.

I just went to their website to give you an idea of how to find these. I receive a newsletter from them that gives me a direct link, so I am not sure how exactly to find the 25 days of music selection. If you search for Christmas music, you will find songs that are free. Once you click on one of those, there should be a full row at the bottom of free music.

Happy hunting.


  1. Hopefully, none of the "nose cookies" are being given away as presents.

  2. No "nose cookies" were handed out to the unsuspecting. We just went ahead and chucked that dough into the garbage.