Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Birthday Party

Here are a few pictures from my party. In the above picture is one of Luken's friends, Jocelyn. She belongs to our friends, Christian and Jill. Isn't she cute? If you would like to see more adorable pictures of this little girl, go to Ange Movius Photography Blog.

They were seeing whose finger could go farther in the others mouth.

I am not quite sure what Christian and Justin were discussing, but obviously it was interesting.

Pregnant Sister Brittney and Jillian.

Brother Marvin

Mike and Grandpa Ray

Our little man

Luken was definitely the hit of the night. He usually a little reserved, but this night he showed us all what he was really made of. He was doing his sit-twirl dance. It was really funny.

Uncle Justin is definitely one of Luken's favorite people.


  1. Have you started using your new camera?

  2. All the pictures on this post were taken with the new camera. It was set on auto. I have not finished reading the manual yet. I have just been out of it with sinus stuff the last few days.

    I am finally feeling more myself today. So I am hoping to get back to it.

  3. I was thinking those looked better than normal. I wouldn't pick Auto. Ever. I'm not sure why they even give it as an option- the D50 has lots of "auto" type modes that will take much better pictures than just plain auto. You know the dial that has all those little pictures on it- like a runner, a flower, a mountain, a person? Those are some dummy modes. When I had the D50 I almost always used the "child" mode- it has a symbol of a child head I think. But anyway, it ups the color and contrast and makes your f-stop lower for a more portrait-y look. That will take decent pictures until you learn how to shoot manual. I wouldn't try to learn off of the user's not really made to teach photography basics, it's more to confuse you and make you angry. No, I kid. But they aren't very helpful- more to teach the bells and whistles of the camera. You need to bring it over sometime so I can give you a lesson or two.

  4. I am definitely going to come get some lessons. I will get a hold of you in a couple of weeks. We are entering our last two weeks of dance on Monday and we will be busy until after that. Once dance is over, we will have lots of extra afternoon time. I am so looking forward to it.