Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Here is Makayla and her "little" brother. As I have mentioned before, she feels the need to pick him up all of the time. Sometimes he likes it, but it is more often that he does not.

Here are the "dresses" that I made for the girls for Easter. They turned out to be shirt length, so we got some leggings and t-shirts to go under.

We spent a very relaxed day on Easter. Makayla has been struggling with a very yucky stomach virus for the last week and Jeremy and I were not feeling 100% on Saturday either, so we decided we best stay home and get some RnR. It was nice.

We did have Brittney, Justin, and Marvin come join us though. Justin's family was not doing anything and we are Marvin's family, so they came and had lunch with us.

Here is Brittney and Justin. I wish that Brittney was not behind Justin. Then you all could see how cute pregnant she is getting. Justin has his mouth full of jelly beans and Cool Whip. I make perfectly good desserts, but Justin and Marvin felt the need to invent their own. What can a girl do.

I hope you all had a wonderful with family and friends. I have much family far and away and time with family is precious.

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