Monday, April 19, 2010

My Birthday and Happy Birthday to Josh

I turned 34 on Saturday. I had a nice, relaxing day at home with my kids. Jeremy had to work and actually, Bailee deserted me for a friend in the afternoon, but it was nice.

Right now, my husband is downgrading my computer for me. I got sick of Vista. In the next few days, I will get some pictures up and show you the fun.

I got a new camera for my birthday which I am very excited about. Thank you for all of you who contributed to it.

Today is my brother, Josh's, birthday. He is 32. In fact with him living in Kenya, his birthday is almost over. We talked with him and wished him a happy day. I think one of the hardest things I deal with having half of my family in Kenya is not being able to be a part of special occasions - birthdays, holidays, children. Josh and Rachel are expecting in August.

I am so very proud of Josh. He is pursuing a dream of being a doctor and not just any doctor, but a doctor that will go to those who need him the most. He is getting an education in Kenya, because he wants to know how to be an effective doctor in limited circumstances. Right now, he has the highest GPA the school has ever had. He says that is not saying much, but if you know Josh, it is. I cannot wait to see what God has for my brother and his family in the future.

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