Friday, March 12, 2010

Sunday Morning

We had also done a little shopping on our trip to Spokane. Everyone got one new outfit.

I wanted to get a picture of each outfit, so I pulled out the camera Sunday morning. What you will see is only Makayla's, because most of what we bought will have to be returned. We bought it at Ross and I did not want to take the time for everyone to try it on. Hence Makayla's was the only one the fit.

Above is her outfit. She is just so cute.

She always wants to have her picture taken with her brother. Luken is looking at his dad sending a subliminal father/son message - HELP ME!

Luken has had enough and Makayla wants just one more.

Then Makayla felt she needed a group shot.

This is Luken sending a subliminal mother/son message - "Mom, do I have to wear my shoes?"

The rest of these pictures were taken by the girls.

Gia knows she is going to be left behind.

Sammy wanted her own picture even though he outfit did not fit.

Oh look, it is the same face Sammy gave just a few pictures ago.

This is us in a nutshell on a Sunday morning.


  1. I love how Makayla's legs look like she's been through a war. She must be accident prone (Roslynn's the same way).
    Gia has the BEST sad-eye look.

  2. Makayla tends to fall up the stairs. If you trying running up the stairs and are not careful, you catch the edge of our rather loose carpet and will fall. She does this regularly.

    Gia does have the best faces. That one says, "I do not want my picture taken. I want some hands on love." Which does not get a lot of Sunday morning, we are usually rushed.